The Traffic Museums Association is a network of Finnish museums that focus on the history of traffic, communications and technology.

The Traffic Museums Association is a globally unique peer network that creates opportunities for its member museums to revamp and develop their operations and to grow the network and increase their expertise. Our operations focus on networking, peer learning and joint projects that help us to respond to the changes taking place in the museum sector and to promote cross-border operations in the sector.

The Traffic Museums Association looks to the future and makes the museum sector’s responsibility visible. The association strongly believes that networking in the museum sector is important for it to be able to meet the challenges of the future. We work together to develop services and operating models that improve expertise and skills in museums. We share our expertise within the network as well as in the museum sector in general.

The Traffic Museums Association has promoted and enhanced the appreciation and impact of the cultural heritage of the transport and communications sectors amongst the public since 2004. The association’s ten independent member museums operate on eight sites in southern Finland. Five of the member museums are museums with national responsibility and five are specialised museums.

The Traffic Museums Association members are

Forum Marinum Maritime Centre
Rupriikki Media Museum
Mobilia Museum for Road and Motor Transport in Finland
The Finnish Postal Museum
Media museum and archive Merkki
Radio and TV Museum Mastola
The Finnish Aviation Museum
The Maritime Museum of Finland
The Finnish Railway Museum
The Museum of Technology

The Traffic Museums Association Board of Directors in 2024

The Chair of the Board is Sami Louekari (The Finnish Postal Museum), and the Deputy Chair is Pia Illikainen (The Finnish Aviation Museum).

The other members of the Board are Heidi Rytky (Mobilia Museum for Road and Motor Transport in Finland), Outi Penninkangas (Rupriikki Media Museum), Tuulia Tuomi (Radio and TV Museum Mastola), Sirpa Kantola-Pakkanen (The Maritime Museum of Finland), Tiina Lehtinen (The Finnish Railway Museum), Ulla Teräs (Forum Marinum Maritime Centre), Anssi Tuulenmäki (The Museum of Technology) and Saila Linnahalme (The Media Museum and Archive Merkki).



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Contact information

The Traffic Museums Association
c/o Postal Museum
Häkiläpolku 3, 33100 Tampere

Tel. +358 50 465 6789
E-mail: info (at)