The Traffic Museums Association is a network of Finnish museums that focus on the history of traffic, communications and technology.


The Association promotes the significance, appreciation and impact of the cultural heritage of transport and communications in society, the development of the industry and know-how, and internationalization. It also aims to ensure adequate funding for the tasks. The association operates in 8 locations and includes 10 independent member museums throughout Southern Finland. Of the member museums, five are national responsibility museums and five are major specialty museums in their respective fields.The association strongly believes in the results of established networked cooperation. The new museum policy program encourages museums to collaborate and network, for which Trafiik has more than 15 years of experience.

The association is a globally unique operating model for successful and long-term cooperation between museums. We develop museum services and operating models that support the growth of their expertise and expertise. We share our expertise both in the network and in the museum industry and increase the effectiveness of museums through networking.

Museums belong to the association
• Forum Marinum from Turku
• Media Museum Rupriikki from Tampere
• Road Traffic Museum Mobilia from Kangasala
• Postal Museum from Tampere
• Päivälehti Museum from Helsinki
• Radio and TV Museum Mastola in Lahti
• Finnish Aviation Museum from Vantaa
• Finnish Maritime Museum from Kotka
• Finnish Railway Museum in Hyvinkää
• Museum of Technology in Helsinki

The Traffic Museums Association has been a pioneer in the cooperation between museums in the museum field. We have learned that managing and managing a network requires resources and continuous improvement of operations.

Strategic goals
– Traffic museums increase their impact and together raise the profile of the cultural heritage in the field of transport and communications
– The Traffic Museums Association is a peer-learning museum network that shares information and implements new bold openings
– Traffic museums open their collections to the public and utilize digital as an opener

Globally unique operating model
The close and long-term co-operation of Trafiikki museums located in different locations, with different owner-based and different sizes, is in line with the objectives of the museum policy program. The museums belonging to the association are not financially interdependent, but independent entities.

Board of the Traffic Museums 2020
The Chairman of the Board is Kimmo Antila (Postal Museum)  and the Deputy Chairman is Tapio Maijala (Forum Marinum).
The other members of the Board are Heidi Rytky (Mobilia), Outi Penninkangas (Media Museum Rupriikki), Tuulia Tuomi (Radio and TV Museum Mastola), Heini Oikkonen-Kerman (Technology Museum), Tiina Lehtinen (Finnish Railway Museum), Pia Paukku (Finnish Maritime Museum), Pia Illikainen (Finnish Aviation Museum) and Saila Linnahalme from Päivälehti Museum.



The association hosts a webshop, where you can find exciting and fun products from all the museums! The webshop also has international delivery options.


Contact information

The Traffic Museums Association
c/o Postal Museum
Häkiläpolku 3, 33100 Tampere

Tel. +358 50 465 6789
E-mail: info (at)