The Trafiikki Museums Association

The Trafiikki Museums Association is a network of Finnish museums that focus on the history of traffic, communications and technology.

The network currently consists of ten museums:
The Finnish Aviation Museum in Vantaa
The Road and Traffic Museum Mobilia in Kangasala
The Technology Museum in Helsinki
The Finnish Railway Museum in Hyvinkää
The Radio and TV Museum in Lahti
The Finnish Postal Museum in Tampere
The Media Museum Rupriikki in Tampere
The Forum Marinum Maritime Center in Turku
The Maritime Museum of Finland in The Maritime Center Vellamo in Kotka.




The association hosts a webshop, where you can find exciting and fun products from all the museums! The webshop also has international delivery options.



Contact information

The Trafiikki Museums Association
c/o The Museum of Technology
Viikintie 1
00560 Helsinki

Tel. 040 546 1175
E-mail: info (a)